NPK 12-12-17 Grandfield Adfert Fertilizer (5 Kg)

NPK 12-12-17 Grandfield Adfert Fertilizer (5 Kg)


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GRANDFIELD FORT 12-12-17 is Special grade fertilizer based on Potassium Sulphate, with high level of Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur and low content of chlorine compounds.

GRANDFIELD FORT 12-12-17 contains micronutrients in balanced ration to fulfill plant needs.

GRANDFIELD FORT 12-12-17 can be mixed with soil amendments and Humic acid before application.

NPK 12-12-17 helps promote absorption rates of nutrients to increase flowering and blooming strength in crops, landscape plants, ornamental plants and fruit trees.

Direction of Use:
Sprinkle 1 Teaspoon of GRANDFIELD FORT 12-12-17 to the soil of small potted plants (1-2 tablespoon for larger pots) once every 2 weeks. Water immediately after application to start absorption.

Nitrogen (N) - 12%
Phosphorous (P) - 12%
Potassium (K) - 17%
Magnesium (Mg0) - 2%